Save Our Churches

Instructions to “Save Our Churches”

1. Read the letter.

2. Print this letter or write your own letter

3. Mail the letter to this address:

His All-Holiness BARTHOLOMEW I (Archontonis), Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch

Address: Rum Patrikhanesi, 342 20 Fener- Haliç, Istanbul, TURKEY

***REMEMBER - Individual letters on this are crucial. Letters with bulk signatures and electronic signatures do nothing compared to physical letters. Imagine one letter with 30 signatures sitting on a desk versus 30 letters sitting on a desk. You are a Baptized/Chrismated Orthodox Christian, it’s time to call Church leaders to serve us as Christ did his people. It’s worth the read, printing and shipping for $1.30. You are individually going to go in front of Christ on Judgement day. Your signature belongs being alone.

So... is $1.30 to mail a letter too much money and effort to SAVE OUR CHURCHES?